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Mrs. Rose's Online Classroom

Distance Learning Week  5/4/20 – 5/8/20

Your child will continue to post their learning on the Classtag site, continuing to do each of the assignments, and spent 20 minutes on both Istation and IXL daily.

 Please note that all lessons that say Upload to Classtag are required.

Watch the KIDZ Bop to get up and moving.

Warm Up


Reading with ISTATION

Students will need to take the May ISIP Assessment on Istation. Students need a quite area to take this assessment and to complete in one setting if possible. 


Parents are asked to not help their children on this assessment.


The blue ISIP box at the bottom of the page will disappear when your child has completed their monthly score to the district.

The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.  



Read/listen to the story, then
think about the main idea. What was the important
part in the story? 

You can use the word document to write
a complete sentence about the main idea and then
list 3 details that support your sentence.

Upload to Classtag

Language Arts


1.Watch the 2D vs 3D shapes.

2.Complete Go Math 15.1 2DS/3DS

3. Complete Go Math 15.4 Attributes of 3D Shapes

4. Match 3D and 2D shapes assessement.

5. Module 15 Assessment.

Upload #4, #5 assessments to Classtag


Social Studies

Mothers Day is Sunday!

Write a letter to your mom or grandma telling them how you feel about them.  Then, draw a picture of them using this template.  Be creative!

Feel free to use the attachment and give your mom the gift.


  1. Click below to watch the Youtube video of the Life Cycle of the Butterfly. 

    2. Click below to watch the Youtube video on the Life Cycle          Of A Frog! - The Dr. Binocs Show!

     3. Click the picture to download the Frog Life Cycle

        cut and paste worksheets.   

Anchor Chart 13 - Central Idea.PNG

Click the link to learn about

main idea.

I've attached the high frequency word practice. 

I've also attached the 1st grade 100 High Frequency Words.

Upload PDF to Classtag

High Frequency Words

Go Math 15.1 & 15.4

Math Assessments

Upload assessments to Classtag

Upload  to Classtag

Wow Time

This week’s challenge involves tossing a sock ball into a laundry basket that is 10 feet away using different techniques.

What do you need? Some socks and a laundry basket!

Find those items and click the video image to get started!

Click on the link to do a Art Choice Board.

Then, click on the picture of the colorful weaving called "Pillow Art Wall" to post a picture of your artwork.


Distance Learning.png
color weaving.jpg


Click on the Mrs. Jafari's Music Blend course. You will have to log in with your AISD Portal number.

Here it is:

Upload to Classtag

Image by Nick Page

Don't forget to spend 20 minutes on Istation and IXL daily.

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