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It Takes A Village

It takes a village to raise a child is an African proverb that means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.  These are some of the people that are here for you this year!


FAQs During this Unusual Time

During these trying times, here are the district's FAQ and other AISD updates provided to all families and the public to become familiarized with the district’s stance on COVID-19. 

How to Talk To Your Kids About COVID-19

I know this is a stressful time for all of us.  Imagine how our kids feel! Here are some tips about how to talk to your kids about what is going on. 

If You Are In Need of Medical Attention (Tele-medicine/Health Link)

There are some services available through the district. 

First register at

To be see by a provider: Urgent Care Kids

Mental Health Crisis: Crisis Text Line

Ms. Leigh Weyand, Counselor

As vital members of our team, our counselors help all of our students in the areas of academic achievement and personal/social development.  This helps our children to become productive, well-adjusted adults.  They are available to students and parents by appointment.  In addition, they spend time in our classrooms and around the campus teaching social emotional lessons.  512-414-4322


Mr. Raul Vallejo, Parent Support Specialist

As a parent support specialist, Mr. Vallejo will work to develop opportunities for parents and families to become more involved in the education of their children.  They provide our school with parent involvement connections, strategies, and support. Also, periodically throughout the year they hosts workshops for parents where he discusses the importance of attendance and academics among other topics.  512-841-4834


VIDA Clinic

We are very fortunate to have a VIDA Clinic on campus. They specialize in school-based mental health and provide a range of services that include individual, family, and group counseling; teacher training and consultation groups; school-wide workshops and trauma-informed culture building. They are inspired by the desire to create and implement innovative ways of providing high quality mental health services, fostering empowered and healthier communities, including those populations who are typically underserved due to financial need and language barriers. Vida Clinic programming is available at our campus, allowing our community to access services in a timely and convenient manner. They customize their therapeutic approach to meet the needs of individuals and groups being served. Through their partnership with the school district, Vida Clinic aims to help promote awareness, understanding, and empathy in an effort to destigmatize mental health needs.  512-841-4641

Ms. Yvette Cardenas, Principal & Ms. Melissa Martinez, Assistant Principal

The administration wears many hats.  First, they are responsible for shaping a vision of academic success for all of our students.  Having high expectations for all of our students will help to close the achievement gap.  Secondly, it is the responsibility of the principals to ensure that our school allows both adults and children to put learning at the center of their daily activities. Lastly, our principals are responsible for promoting leadership in others.  Research has shown that the more willing principals are to spread leadership around, the better for the students. 



Tel:  512-414-2350
Fax:  512-467-2513

3025 Crosscreek Dr.

Austin, TX 78757

Elizabeth Rose

Tel: 512-841-4806

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