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    Mrs. Rose's Online Classroom

 Distance Learning Week  4/20/20 – 4/24/20

This week you have more work so please make sure to pace yourself.  I want to continue to make sure everyone is doing their homework and uploading it to Classtag by Friday.  Don't forget to log onto IXL and Istation for 20 minutes daily.

Warm Up


Writing Activity:

Download to Classtag.

Monday: Have your child decide the person they want to learn and write about.  They are going to interview and write about this person.

Tuesday: Student needs to gather information about the person they are writing about and write them down:

  1. When and where the person was born.

  2. What they were like as a child.

  3. Things that happened to them when they were young. 

  4. What job they worked when they got older.

  5. Things that are important to them.​

Wednesday: Student needs to write all of the information that they learned in complete sentences with capitals and periods.

Thursday: Student needs to make sure they have checked for complete sentences and illustrate.

FridayLast minute corrections and any additions to drawings. Then, turn work into Classtag.

Language Arts/Writing

 Write down the answers to the following questions. 

Download answers to Classtag.

​          1. What lesson do you think Camilla learned?  

          2. How can you apply that lesson to your life? 

Listen to the book A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.  

Watch the GoNoodle to get up and moving.



Watch the Peek A Boo Video about your muscles, then look at the PowerPoint and complete the worksheet. 

What is the difference between

“muscular strength” and

“muscular endurance”?

Muscular Strength = How Much!

Muscular Endurance = How Long!

Download to Classtag.



What is this week’s health topic? ___________________

Name a healthy habit you can do every day to improve your personal health for this topic: ___________________


Draw a picture of what COULD HAPPEN if you did NOT practice this healthy habit?


Put a star below when you complete your healthy habit each day!






How was completing your healthy habit DIFFERENT this week than last week? Did you feel different? Was it easier or harder? 


Science & Social Studies

  1. Play the PBS GAME by inserting shapes to complete the figure.

  2. Draw or use pattern blocks to fill a figure/shape then try it a different way.

  1. Count to 120 by 1s to a caregiver.

  2. Write 1 - 120.  Download to Classtag.

  3. Have your caregiver call out different numbers (no higher than 120). Tell your caregiver the number that is greater or less than the given number.

  4. Write a number that is GREATER than 80 but less than 120. Download to Classtag.

Watch the video of the Life Cycle of a Butterfly


The Butterfly Life Cycle

Stage 1: the egg

Stage 2: the caterpillar

Stage 3: the pupa

Stage 4:  the butterfly


Draw and Label the Life Cycle of a Butterfly.    Download to Classtag.


Can you make a drawing that emphasizes different emotions by drawing different eyebrows, the size of the eyes, and the shape of the mouth?

Make your own Emoji with the Disney Emoji Maker.

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