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Mrs. Rose's Online Classroom

       Distance Learning Week  4/6/20 – 4/10/20

   This first week we are getting the hang of things so please take your time and don't worry!


           Warm Up

Watch this GoNoodle to get up and moving! 





Watch the video read aloud of the Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. 

Language Arts/Writing



  1. On your own paper at home draw and label what happened to the seed in each season, Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall.

  2. Please take a picture and send it to me through Classtag.

        Spring      Summer

    Fall         Winter

  Watch this video on shapes. Then, on your own paper at home draw and label the shapes you learned in the video. 

Science &

Social Studies

Watch this weeks lesson

The game board is still under construction but you can still do some of the activities.




Watch this video on how to wash your hands, then show your parents what you learned! 

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