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About Mrs. Rose
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     I grew up in a very different Austin, Texas!  Everyone knew each other and families felt safe letting their children play outside unsupervised. I’m the 4th generation in my family to have Graduated from Austin High School.  Because of my life experiences and my deep empathy for people, I saw my surroundings from a different lens than others around me.  My childhood experiences made me the woman I am today.  I would not trade the relationships I have had for anything in the world.         

     I am the fourth of five kids.  At a very early age I was taught compassion was the key and the best way to effect people positively. While I was in College, my childhood role model, Eunice's unconditional love towards me was the reason I was driven to teach at an all-girls school in Nairobi, Kenya.  I will always be grateful for her friendship and love.  I continue to learn each and every day with my eyes wide open in the hope that I can have an impact on a child just like Eunice impacted my life.  I have nothing but gratitude for each and every one that has shined a light on me and taught me to be a better person and better teacher along the way.  I just hope I can pay it forward each and every day.                             

     I have been married to my husband, Sean Rose for 20 years and we have two teenage daughters, Ireland and Audrey Rose.  As a Austinite that loves her city, I value the importance of community and family. Through my volunteering, I am able to get to know my Pillow families even better and stay connected with them.  I’m also able to be a role model for my own two daughters by teaching them that beauty is not skin deep.  I teach all of my kids that beauty comes from a person’s soul.                                                                                                          


My philosophy in education is to bring compassion, an open mind, and high expectations in a loving, structured, and nurturing environment to all students while developing a partnership with each family.  Open communication with all of my families is of the upmost importance to me.  I believe a genuine relationship with parents and teachers is the key to a supportive and successful environment for our student’s confidence and success to flourish.  Within a loving and safe environment, students are more capable of taking risk and achieving their highest potential.



The University of Southwest Texas State                      Masters in Elementary Education, December 1999

     Activities: Kappa Delta PI, Eta Zeta Chapter, N.H.S.O.       Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 4.0 gpa


The University of Texas at Austin                                                             B.A. in Psychology, December 1996

        Activities: Kappa Alpha Theta, Octet

Stephen F. Austin High School                                                                                                             May 1992

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