How do I get into the AISD Portal?
Click below to watch me explain how to log Into the AISD Portal to access and more!

AISD Portal
Students will need to know their Username and Password. Students should know this (It's their Istation number). If not, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

My Username: _______________________________
(Student ID Number; typically begins with S100... or S101...)
My Password: _______________________________
(Uppercase last name first initial, then birthday MM/DD/YY, add ‘s’)

How do I download Istation on to my device?

Click below to watch PowerPoint Instructions to help you download Istation on to your device.

Pillow HUB

The Pillow staff have created a Pillow Distance Learning website to serve as a HUB during this time, and to help with locating information.

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