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Mrs. Rose's Online Classroom

 Distance Learning Week  4/13/20 – 4/17/20

   This second week, I want to make sure everyone is doing their homework and uploading it to Classtag.  Then,  I would like for everyone to log onto IXL and Istation for 20 minutes daily.

Warm up

Watch this GoNoodle to get up and moving.


Watch the video read aloud of 

Pinocchio - Fairy Tales 

  1. Students will practice retelling story events in order. 

  2. Draw the beginning, middle and end of the story.       

  3. Is a Fairy Tale real or make believe?                             

  4. Upload to Classtag.                                                         

Language Arts


  1. Write, I had a dream about... 

  2. Then, draw a picture to go with your writing. 

  3. Upload to Classtag.

  4. Watch what other kids dream about.


  1. Watch the video of the book about shapes called,                         Video of City Shapes.

  2. Draw a picture of buildings you might see in a city using only 2D shapes. Name the shapes used in your picture.

  3. Upload to Classtag.


  1. Watch the video about Landforms, then draw a picture of a 2 landform and 2 bodies of water.  Make sure to label your work.

  2.  Upload to Classtag.


Watch this video on the importance of sleep and dreams, then make sure you go to bed by 8pm so you can get enough sleep to have lots of dreams.

Work on IXL and Istation for 20 minutes or more a day.

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